At Flexible Benefits Systems, Inc., we are equipped to work on a variety of scales with financial advisors of all levels of experience. We will supply you with as many resources available to help you succeed in the retirement plan business by helping you create business relationships within the payroll business and other centers of influence. The advisors we partner with can be categorized into three different groups:

  • Entry Level Advisors: These are the advisors that have never been in the retirement benefits industry, but want to give it a try. If you consider yourself an Entry Level Advisor, we will work with you to understand different offerings in the business and help you sell, enroll, and advise your client on an ongoing basis. Entry Level advisors tend to bring in one or two plans a year.
  • Mid-Level Advisors: These advisors will have between five and ten plans they currently have on the books and will have some knowledge of the business, and they need help with enrolling and ongoing service with their current customer base. If you are a Mid-Level Advisor, we will work with you to build a stronger sales process and an ongoing service model, so you won’t need to hire additional employees to service your book of business. Mid-Level Advisors can bring in up to ten new customers a year.
  • Experienced Advisors: These advisors usually have more than thirty plans on their books, with a full staff to service their existing client base. These advisors need us to help design a plan, and to onboard new clients, so their team doesn't have to be bothered with the details of bringing on new clients. We will do everything to set up the client with the custodian and supply them with the software to enroll participants electronically into the plan. We will also help them with the reporting needed for the reviews they need for the trustee. These advisors can sign up two to three clients a month.

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