Recordkeeping Services

Keeping tabs on all facets of retirement plans can be time-consuming. Our recordkeeping services are designed to execute these (sometimes) mundane, but crucial tasks, providing you with the bandwidth to focus on the management of and growing of your business. By having access to the latest technology and platforms, we offer recordkeeping services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Daily valuation of participant accounts;
  • Daily processing of plan and participant transactions;
  • Preparing participant account statements;
  • Tax reporting of participant distributions and preparation of Form 1099-R;
  • Preparing a summary of participant account activity rolled up to plan level quarterly;
  • Participant, Sponsor and Advisor web access to participant accounts;
  • Maintain records of participant accounts, deposits, withdrawals, investment election percentages;
  • Allocate contributions deposited to participant accounts according to each participant's investment elections;
  • Initiate buy and sell orders for all transactions